Vehicle Scrappage Policy of Assam, 2022

Last Updated on: February 08, 2023
Vehicle scrappage policy of Assam, 2022 was notified with specified incentives to the vehicle owners, voluntarily has over their vehicle to RVSF and also incentives being specified for setting up of RVSF(Registered Vehicle Scrapping Facility) in line with MoRTH notification vide number TMV.72/2022/39, dated 18/07/2022 the vehicle scrappage policy of Assam with the following objectives-

i. Reduce pollution by scrapping old and unfit vehicles.
ii. Improve road, passenger and vehicular safety.
iii. Improve fuel efficiency and reduce maintenance cost for vehicle owners.
iv. Formalize the current informal vehicle recycling industry in Assam.
v. Promoting recycling of vehicle scrap in a scientific manner.
vi. Promoting of circular economy in an eco-friendly manner.
vii. Encourage setting up ofRVSF.

First RVSF of east and north-east India set up at Rangia, near Guwahati, Assam 


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