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High Security Number Plates

What is HSRP?

High Security Registration Plate is a standard in license plate which was started on May 1, 2012 after the Supreme Court had made iit mandatory for vehicle owners. This number plate will form a uniform pattern of displaying your vehicle’s registration number throughout the country.

The HSRP plates are made of aluminum, with unique details other than the registration number itself. Featuring a unique seven-digit laser code, a chakra hologram to prevent counterfeiting, a self destructive sticker with engine and chassis number of your car. “IND” inscribed in the color blue. India will be inscribed at a 45 degree angle in hot stamping foil across all letters and numbers on the plate. The HSRP plates also feature a non-removable snap on lock and if in any case somehow removed then also it will remain non-reusable.

How is it diffrent from the old number plates?

The old number plates are very easy to tamper with and hence leads to increasing car thefts.Therefore, the uniform styled HSRP plates will serve that purpose well. HSRPs are tamper-proof, serving as a deterrent to car thieves.

Other Benefits

HSRPs aid in creating a national data of all the motor vehicles as currently all the data is managed by hand, which is actually a very primitive way to manage and keep record of all the cars, motorcycles and trucks in the country. HSRPs will be mandatory even if you reside in some remote village of the country. 

HSRP plates are reasonable and cost effective. For four-wheelers, it’ll cost Rs. 334 and four two-wheelers its Rs. 111. Commercial vehicles HSRP plates will cost Rs. 134 and for the heavy commercial vehicle, it’s Rs. 258. HSRP come with a guarantee of five years.

All the new vehicles sold in the country comes fitted with HSRPs . The registration of new vehicles will also be applied on the rear as well as front windshield. Whereas existing cars have been given a two-year time period.

HSRP installation takes maximum of 5 minutes at your local RTO. 

Where to find it ?

The Kamrup (Metro) district transport office has made HSRP plates available at six centres to help vehicle-owners affix them at the earliest. The DTO has taken the initiative to start the process in phases in Kamrup (Metro) district. On failing to do so, the offenders will be fined Rs 1,000 on the spot.

The six centres allotted by the DTO are :

  • Ojha Hyundai at Basistha Chariali,

  • City Zen at Ganeshguri

  • Auto Selection at Adabari

  • Seth Automobiles at Athgaon,

  • Abhishek Motors at Adabari